Boogie why are you justifying Anita Sarkeesian’s actions?

Before I start I am still a fan of Boogie despite everything he said in his latest video, and him justifying Anita Sarkeesian’s actions and bully tactics towards himself and Sargon. We are all human after all, and as such we make mistakes from time to time and you cannot fault someone for that. But I believe a few things need to be said and highlighted here, it might not be the popular opinion but it still needs to be said. So before you continue reading this I suggest you watch the video below for more context and a better perspective of what happened between Boogie and Anita at Vidcon 2017. Also, this is not a personal attack on his person. But rather on the way he handled the situation and made excuse for Anita’s behavior at Vidcon 2017.

Boogie can I say for the record that after watching your video and the fact that Anita blatantly and clearly intimidated you, infuriates me to no fucken end. Even more so the fact that she has now gotten away with it, which included the “blessing” of Vidcon creators Hank and John Green. Who waved of the abuse and intimidation as the fault of the people attending her panel, holding Anita accountable for none of her actions. Anita broke Vidcon policy rules she’s a bully and a narcissist, who thrives on playing the victim card and who has made it her career to use her victim status to gain sympathy and money from her fans and media alike. And people including yourself got to see Anita for what she is, a con artist living off her perpetual victimhood.

But what disappointed me, even more, Boogie is how you just rolled over for Anita. She used her status and position at Vidcon to basically bully you into submission and your reaction? “Oh, she must have had a bad day”. Sorry Boogie, but by excusing Anita’s action you are basically enabling her to keep on doing what she is doing to the people she dislikes and those who disagree with her. And in a single sentence/video, you basically destroyed all the work you have done and achieved in the field of online harassment. And for what exactly? So that you don’t piss her off and stay neutral on the entire discussion? Boogie if you don’t have the backbone to stand up for yourself and what you believe in, at least don’t make excuses for bullies. Because you are just enabling them even more now.

The people who dislike this video and opinion on this, me included, don’t hate you. We still like you, but what you essentially tried to do with your explanation was to justify and normalize everything Anita did. She treated you like a doormat Boogie and you allowed her to do that. Boogie you are a smart man, you knew Anita broke the code of conduct at Vidcon. You know she abused her position of privilege and got away with it, yet you are the one apologizing for your so-called “White Male Privilege” and using all kinds of SJW terms. And lastly, in your Vidcon response video, you state: “I’m not censoring myself”. But the entirety of your video is you self-censoring yourself, as not to offend either side of the discussion. And the irony it got both sides angry at you now.

[Editorial Note:] Boogie here is some advice as a long time fan: Your compulsive fence sitting is your greatest strength and your greatest weakness. It will also be the one thing that would be your downfall. Not the trolls or the haters or your bad health, but the inability to pick a side and stand up for yourself.

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