Videogame “Journalism” in 2017

I shit you not! This is an actual fucken piece of video game journalism, written by an actual somewhat sane person. Clearly, the person who wrote this is a few fruit short of a full salad bar. The entire article reads like some sort of fucked-up fanfiction, also did the writer just assume the Rabbids fucking gender? Welcome to 2017, where fictional creatures wearing plungers on their asses and sword-fight with them is viewed as some form of broader social commentary on video games.

It is also good to remember that the writer of this article is the same person who lied about Eurogame expo host Fraser Millward bullying her, saying that he called her “him, “thing”, and “it”. She was also the one helped Jim Sterling, harass the developer of “Tranny Gladiator”, and basically strong armed them into changing the games name. Love them or hate them Rabbids are clearly designed to appeal to everyone. But for people to try to inject their shitty identity politics into them just pisses me off to no end.

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