The “religion of peace” and the endless repeating cycle

By now I am pretty sure that everyone who isn’t living under a rock would be aware of the Finsbury Park attack in the UK. The perpetrator was a white 47-year-old man who drove his van through a group of Muslims who were praying at the local mosque, all the while screaming: “I want to kill all Muslims”. Now don’t get me wrong this attack was absolutely horrifying and in no way helps the situation, but it was bound to happen sooner than later. And as much as I want to condemn the guy for attacking the Muslims and running them over with a van, I can understand what would drive someone to do something like that. Especially after the recent horrific attacks in the UK. Having said that I have been following the story closely since the start and I started noticing a trend.

This trend is especially noticeable from the media who report on these events and on social media were people comment on these events. Since the influx of Muslim migrants to the West and more specifically Europe, countries like Frans, Germany and the UK have seen a dramatic increase in terror attacks. And everytime these attacks happen we hear the same old story, over and over again. Attackers mass murder people with knives, guns, bombs or trucks while yelling “llahu akbar” and the instant these attacks happen we see the apologists coming out of the woodwork. The sort of people who even in the midst of having an attack happen right in front of them while the attacker yells: “This is for Allah” will still announce that these people aren’t Muslims. And that the attacks have nothing to do with Islam.

What follows is the trend I have been noticing. Social media covered in flag overlay pictures, #prayfor, #notall and all manner of claims about the terrorists being lone wolves that they had mental issues and how it has nothing to do with Islam. Followed by a few candlelight vigils and bold claims stating we should not let this divide us and act like nothing has happened to show these terrorists that we don’t fear them. And that we should be vigilant against right-wing violence and Islamaphobia. And often followed by some bizarre notion that condemnation of Islam and the attacks is racism against all brown people. And that the main concern should not be the victims and their families but that Muslims would be harassed or unfairly stereotyped as a result of these attacks. So when a radical Muslim kills a bunch of people it is not those people that are the victim, but the Muslim community themselves.

Not to mention every singer, songwriter, actor descending from their ivory towers to tell us how we should act and feel after which they run back to their gated security complexes surrounded by high walls and a dozen security guards. All while the politicians are telling us that we should get used to these attacks as it part of living in a big European city. We just need to carry on like unusual and like nothing ever happened. Don’t seek justice, don’t seek change, just pretend nothing has happened. And at this point, this cycle has become so ingrained in our minds that we know exactly what is going to happen, what to expect and what the outcome would be. And ironically enough when a white person commits an act of terror it is immediately labeled as a terror attack, none of the apologia we find when it is a Muslim doing the attacking.

According to the media reports, this attack was straight up terrorism, racism, xenophobia, white supremacy and proves that the West cannot live or tolerate the presence of Muslims in their own country. This attack might be the first signs of people having enough of all the apologetics and taking matters into their own hands. And like I said earlier I can understand what would drive someone to do something like that. If politicians aren’t going to protect their own people and not do something about these attacks, then people will come to their won conclusions and take the law into their own hands. And when that happens I can tell you now Europe will turn into one big blood bath, and when that happens the politicians and apologists will be the ones with peoples blood on their hands. Now, this isn’t me supporting the violent attack in Finsbury Park.

But I can see why this is happening, these types of attacks are now happening in retaliation to the inaction and total inability of governments to handle this terrorist problem properly. The warning signs are clearly visible. When you constantly take a beating and don’t fight back, there will be a point that you will stand up and start fighting back. And in such cases, the only way to stop such a beating is to fight back with the same amount of violence or force to stop it from happening. And this is what we got to see with the Finsbury Park attack. I don’t believe that we are at that point just yet but we are extremely close to it, and one small push will take us over the edge. This cannot simply be ignored or handwaved away as something that won’t happen in the future, given the current situation we find ourselves in. This is a disease, of which we are now seeing the symptoms.

But instead of treating these symptoms, people are more than willing to ignore them and look the other way just so they don’t hurt the feelings of Muslims and risk not being politically correct enough. Basically, we have an infected finger but if we don’t treat it we will have an infected arm and if left untreated the possibility that it will end badly is real. It is extremely easy to hate people, but in this case, it is not the people doing this. But it is the ideas and values that these people hold that are the real problem here. It is these ideas and values that push them to commit these terrible acts of violence. Even those who don’t commit these acts but are in full support of the individuals are just as guilty as the terrorists themselves. It is this feeling of nothing being done, that will finally push us over the edge. And turn Europe into a bloody battlefield.

[Editorial Note:] The feeling of hopelessness is just as dangerous as any form of extremism, it leads people to do stupid and dangerous things when they feel they have no other option or way out. This is an extremely slippery slope we find ourselves on…

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  1. I’m going to ‘like’ this because it gives voice to a number of unpopular truths. Liberally minded, tender minded people who are sold the story of human suffering in the Middle East and are moved to opening their doors to the afflicted are, sadly, guilty of importing a rebel army amongst the deserving homeless: they are allowed to move freely among us without any form of ID while they plot what they see as our conquest from within. I have counted many Moslems as friends and I do not accept that they are ‘apologists’ – this thing is as much a monster to them as to ourselves, and we fail to realise that Isis has no compunction about slaughtering other Moslems. They do not differentiate. I do agree, however, that the fire is set, and I fear much worse is to come. A lot of so-called ‘hate crime’ goes unreported, the field for Moslem news staff has never been more thickly sown, and I dread the long hot summer.

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