Daily Telegraph’s garbage video game article

When I read garbage article like this it makes my blood boil, but when they outright misrepresent and lie to push a narrative it pisses me right the fuck off:

And then you add unnecessary censoring to make it look worse, not to mention the images were pulled right off a DeviantArt fanart page. Why did you deceptively add a censor bar to the above image in order to make the character appear bare-breasted? And why are you stealing people’s fanart using it without permission and using it to present the game in a false light? And why are you using a 10-year-old image of Lara Croft, why did you not use an image from one of her latest games? You fucken useless disingenuous assholes.

Oh, I thought fashion magazines and runway models were already doing a fuckin bang up job of representing impossible beauty standards. And the fuck stick who wrote this article forgot to mention that all the games they talk about in the article come with a Mature rating. Which means they are intended for people older than 18 years of age. These are games kids shouldn’t be playing in the first place. You know, if only parents did this thing called parenting for a change. How come we never see articles on lazy parenting? Because obviously, they wanna to pass the blame to someone else rather than themselves.

If you really want to read the garbage article you can find an archived version here. That way you don’t give this shitty rag calling itself a newspaper the clicks they want from articles like these.

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