The FREQ Show: The biggest load of garbage ever…

This video series by the professional victim and con artist Anita Sarkeesian is some of the purest bullshit ever produced by herself and Feminist Frequency. And that statement alone says a lot considering her video game series called Tropes vs Women in Video Games, which was absolute garbage. In her latest video Manufacturing a Muslim Menace” she goes about basically saying that the media is at fault for Islam and Muslims image problem. And just for the record, I reject the term “Islamophobia”, a phobia is an irrational aversion/fear of something. And let’s be brutally honest here: There is absolutely nothing irrational about fearing or being averse to a religious ideology that produces thousands if not millions of terrorists and militants groups in almost every part of the world where they exist. And no Anita It wasn’t the media that manufactured the current bad image that Islam and Muslims are suffering from.

It is they themselves that are the ones responsible for they’re own bad image with their brutal, religiously motivated mass murderers. I have a question Anita: How many Muslims have been killed by someone who watched a movie with a Muslim bad guy and got an “irrational” fear that Muslims want to kill them? Islam have killed well over 712 people in the last 12 days over 67 terrorist attacks. The Iraqi city of Mosul had 850 suicide attacks in 8 months. The vast majority of victims of these suicide and terror attacks are middle easterners. Al-Qaeda and the Islamic States know that attacks will dominate western news headlines and news cycles. They make these attacks as brutal as possible to instill fear into the hearts and minds of people, that is what they thrive on. Anita, since we are on the subject of phobias how about we talk about Islam’s “Kaffirphobia”? You know?

The kind of phobia that sees these extremist terrorist groups murder and slaughter Christians, Sikhs and Hindus. I must say I find it absolutely terrifying that you complain and makes excuses for Muslims being demonized in the media for acts of terrorism when things like female genital mutilation, honor killings, acid-in-face attacks, child-rape and subjugation of women is a daily occurrence in most Muslim countries. Even more terrifying is that she actually believes that it is the “media” shaping people’s perceptions of Islam and Muslims. No, Anita people’s perceptions aren’t shaped by the media. They are shaped by watching their loved ones and countrymen bleeding out on the pavement after another terror attack. And people like you are just enabling them to keep on doing what they do with your excuses and apologetics.

And no Anita you don’t get to complain about the widespread demonization of Muslims and Islam when you yourself were demonizing video games and the people who enjoy them. Including demonizing the developers and the creators behind those games. You do not get to demand the media cover up Islam terrorist attacks to make them look better than they actually are. When you yourself manufactured a gamergate terrorist threat and had the media spread it to make gamergate and it’s supporters look like terrorists. You personally treated the video game industry and gamers exactly how you are arguing against treating Islamists for actual acts of brutal violence and terrorism. Anita, you are part of the problem instead of taking the issue of terrorism in Islam and its horrible ideology head on you try and avoid it by shifting the blame elsewhere. You have the blood of innocent people on your hands.

[Editorial Note:] Just a quick FYI before the accusations of Islamophobia and hating Muslims start flying around I am an Anti-theist I hate all religions equally without favor.

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