Welcome to the other side Laci Green

Well, that was bound to happen, wasn’t it? For you who do not know, long story short, Laci Green used to be one of the biggest, most well-known names in internet and social media SJW/Feminism, right up there with Anita Sarkeesian, Jessica Valenti and Chanty Binx (a.k.a. Big Red). A couple of weeks ago it was revealed that she was seeing Chris Ray Gun another famous anti-SJW Youtuber and shortly after that Laci started releasing rather reasonable video’s as if she become self-aware that the SJW cult is basically like a disease. And that the only cure is by leaving it all behind. And a few days after that it was revealed that she was not only seeing him but they are in a relationship and had bumped uglies. And no I cannot make that shit up it is a story right out of Romeo and Juliet, two people from the opposite sides of the fence falling in love.

I expected a backlash from people on the anti-SJW camp and a decent amount from her camp, but what I did not expect everyone on my side to grant well wishes and everyone on her side to drag her down. It is both depressing and amusing all at once. But you can only guess the reaction from the cult she used to be part of not too long ago. They are basically ostracizing her for her choice in dating and sleeping with Chris Ray Gun, demonizing and trying to get her career and personal life destroyed. The very same thing they are accusing the other side of doing, how fucken ironic is that? Here is some advice for you Laci: People who lock themselves in their own echo chamber are the problem. If someone wants to ostracize you for speaking to people you disagree with or exploring new ideas, fuck them. They are your enemy, not us.

[Editorial Note:] This is gonna go down in internet history as “Laci Green was red pilled by Chris Ray Gun’s dick” Alongside “Ian Miles Cheong was red pilled by Tauriq Moosa’s Witcher 3 article” and “GamerGate got Trump elected.” Mr. Ray Gun you are God’s, man. I mean how many guys in the history of the world can say they may have ended a culture war by fucking a hot chick? Your man card is validated for LIFE.

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2 Responses to Welcome to the other side Laci Green

  1. That guy Chris must have some powerful game.

  2. Mike says:

    Nawwwwww! I hope Laci and Chris are happy together and all those psycho SJW’s leave them alone.

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