Microsoft: Isn’t gaming already for everybody?

All these problems are currently experiencing with segregation in today’s culture be it video games or any other entertainment industry come down to everybody’s willingness to put a label on themselves. While it may not seem like an issue, and it usually isn’t, it gets used by people pushing their own political agendas including video game journalists and the SJW crowd. Add to the fact we now clearly live in a culture of victimization, where people will believe it or not repeatedly victimize themselves as a justification to make themselves important, to basically force you to listen to them using the victim card. Saying: “I am the victim here so you have to listen to me.” This also allows them to say and do things and get away with them because they are the supposed victims.

I remember a time not so long ago when a gamer was a gamer. We didn’t give a damn whether they were man or woman, trans or cis, black or white, young or old. All that mattered that was you played and enjoyed video games. We didn’t separate everyone into groups, subgroups or subsections. A gamer is a game and that was all that mattered in the end. Now everyone wants they own little self-congratulating safe space where everyone gets a pat on the back and a participation trophy. If we are going to move to a post-racial and post-sexual orientation and post-gender society in which none of that should really matter anymore (And it really does not matter to myself and most gamers anyway), at what point do we stop segregating gamers into these groups?

We don’t need executives, companies, and events like GDC to further force segregation down on gamers. It really isn’t needed and only serves to further splits the gaming community into groups instead of viewing us and ourselves as one big group. And what we aren’t is: Girl gamers, Latino gamers, Transgender gamers or Black gamers. If you play games then you are a gamer that is where the discussion needs to stop irrespective of your skin color or your sexual preference. Only thing gamers are segregated by are the type of games we enjoy and play. The color of our skin, what’s between our legs and who we prefer to sleep with has no bearing on those choices. Social Justice and Political Correctness is not needed in the Video Games the Gaming Community or the industry, it is a cancer that needs to be rooted out.

And they don’t really want the problems solved and addressed (ones they created in the first place anyway) because they would no longer have the “benefits” they get from playing the victim card. They bitch and moan, but they don’t want to address it unless they do it on their own terms. Funnily enough, the comments have been disabled for every single one of these series videos, which I find hilarious. I imagine the “like / dislike” ratio will be disabled soon. And for the record hate for Minorities is not the reason those videos were disliked, it’s because what the videos represent and pander to. I watched all of the videos and they are godawful. And it’s not because I don’t like the people or the ideas, it is because I hate that Microsoft thought this needed to be a thing…

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3 Responses to Microsoft: Isn’t gaming already for everybody?

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  2. rutsah2 says:

    Yeaaaah, I’m gonna call bullshit on the “good ol’ times”. Back then women gamers were unheard of. If in the early 2000s or late 90s you actually found a woman playing video games, the sexually depri(a)ved male audience would swarm her in a manner of seconds.
    Thankfully we have moved forward since then, take off the nostalgia goggles.

    • larch says:

      Congratulations not reading the entire article and cherry picking a single sentence. Nowhere did I state that woman or minorities were found in abundance during the early days of gaming. I stated that gamers viewed each other as gamers and there was far less self-segregation going on. Also, I attended plenty of gaming events and LAN events during the late 90’s and early 2000’s and when a woman did attend they were pretty much welcomed. But nice stereotype assuming all male gamers are sexually deprived individuals, your extreme progressiveness is showing. I would rather wear my nostalgia goggles then wear the horse blinkers you are wearing with so much pride. ;)

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