Hey, Social Justice kids!

Hey, Social Justice kids! Can’t get a real job with that Masters in Gender or Racial Studies you got because it doesn’t relate to the real world in any way or form? We’ll you can now forget your troubles because you can be a Social Justice Warrior blogger! Attack the patriarchy by foisting your buried frustration at yourself for making piss poor life choices into them and claiming your victimhood in written form on social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter. And best of all you can pass the buck while making a buck how amazing is that?! But, not too many bucks!

Wouldn’t want you to get content or embrace something silly like capitalism, can we? Want to change your preferred gender? No problem! Just change your Twitter and Facebook biographies, and self-identify as the Apache attack helicopter you always wanted to become. Angry at the world because you are a useless piece of shit? No problem because everything is sexist, racist or homophobic. Lack debating skills? No problem just call everyone who disagrees with you a fascist Nazi sympathizer. And never forget you need feminism because people aren’t allowed to disagree with you and they shouldn’t be allowed to do that.


About larch

I am a cucumber in a fruit bowl.
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