Wonder Woman’s Chris Pine: “Men are not all that smart”

Remember what happened to the Ghostbusters reboot when the director and the cast started antagonizing its own fanbase? I do, and clearly Hollywood and Chris Pine haven’t learned ANYTHING from Paul Feig and company. And since you by your own admittance, Chris Pine being a man and not all that smart here is some advice for you: It is probably not the best of ideas to antagonise the very people who are gonna buy more than half of your movie tickets. Not to mention, we: “the not so smart men” are still the majority of comic book readers and we were the ones keeping the Wonder Woman comics alive for the past seven decades. And this is despite painting all of us as monsters and Nazi sympathizers on a regular basis, by the media and online publications like Comic Book Resources.

So the irony is not lost on me when Chris Pine paints men as morons when the very same men are the ones who are responsible for the continued survival of the comic. Newsflash Chris, and gutter trash publications like Comic Book Resources. You can elevate and empower woman without painting men like me as imbecilic troglodytes. I know, what a totally revolutionary idea, right? Having said that I believe we that men and woman are equal, and that we need Wonder Woman in the same way we need a Superman. A superhero action movie that anyone can enjoy, irrespective of being a male or female fan. Just because Chris Pine isn’t all that smart, and let’s be honest here Hollywood actors and Hollywood, in general, aren’t blinded by brilliance. But this doesn’t mean that all men fit into that category of not all that smart.

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