No, Far Cry 5 Isn’t Anti Christian

Another day another video game outrage. I find the amount of moral outrage at the reveal of the Far Cry 5 cover art pretty funny. The Last Supper has been parodied and used metaphorically by various authors, artists, and filmmakers for decades. This is neither a novelty nor particularly controversial, not by today’s standards anyway So what Ubisoft did with its art reveal for Far Cry 5 is not all the controversial:

But it being the current year where everyone feels the needs to be offended so that they can feel like they can have an opinion on the matter, no matter how irrelevant that opinion might be. Interestingly enough. Montana, where the new game takes place, is actually home to many rural Christian cults with complete control over their towns and local areas. The most famous of those cults being The Church Universal and Triumphant, which is basically a Christian doomsday cult. They are famously known for building fallout shelters and stockpiling massive amounts of weapons during the early and late 80’s. Montana is also home to some heavily armed militia groups. These groups have active training schedules and are eagerly waiting for their 5 minutes of fame and a chance to use their training and weapons.

And strangely enough, this year (March 25th) would have been the 20th anniversary of the 81-day standoff the FBI had with the Montana Freemen, where the leader of the Montana Freemen’s wife and son was killed as well as a U.S. Marshal. And a quick Google reveals that there are almost half a dozen Militia groups including: Montana Territory Volunteer Militia, Oath Keepers, Militia of Montana (MOM) and Montana Constitutional Militia just to mention a few. And the two thing they all have in common is the fact they are a militia and that they are deeply Christian and religious. So the stereotype being used in the new Far Cry game is pretty true. Stereotypes often come from prevalent observations. Having said that they may not true on a personal level,  but it can accurately represent a group, community or movement.

The developers even said they were inspired/influenced by the Bundy family standoff at the Malheur Wildlife Refuge. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the Bundy family, it was an armed confrontation between supporters of a cattle rancher named Cliven Bundy and law enforcement following a 20-year long legal dispute. So like it or not Montana is filled with heavily armed religious nutjobs. The people who find these type of things offensive are extremely delusional if they think that this is some sort deliberate attack on Christians by Ubisoft. Or it is just a kneejerk by these people since they know that there have been plenty of heinous and immoral acts committed in the name of the Bible and God, so maybe it hits a bit close to home for them.

I seriously doubt though that Ubisoft is poking fun at regular religious individuals, but rather those that front themselves as religious as an excuse for crime and other despicable acts. And the fact that a godless Atheist needs to point that out must be some sort of cosmic irony on a grand scale. And if you were one of the people like me who was wondering which one of them in the Far Cry 5 cover art is Judas, it is most likely the guy just to “Jesus” left. The one with his arm on the table. He has his elbow on the table, head lowered horizontally, he and Jesus are reaching towards the same point. He might also be about to knock over a stack of magazines. Just like Judas was knocking over the salt cellar in the original Last Supper art.

[Editorial Note:] Personally, I couldn’t think of a setting and enemy more exciting. Not a huge fan of the Ubisoft open world tediousness, but I think I’m going to enjoy this one.

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  2. Rabidgames says:

    Good article. Also, Ubisoft also has a “nice” pastor who represents the “good side” of christianity. Not sure if that was really needed though …

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