Faux outrage over woman only Wonder Woman screening

Like literally this is the first I’m actually hearing about this “Women only screening.”  And my first reaction was I don’t really give a flying fuck. It is not like I would ever be at one of those pre-release screenings anyways. I am not nearly famous enough or run with the “right”  to get invited to one of these events. And I really have no problem with women’s only, ladies night stuff. The whole “But no stuff for men” and this faux outrage is what makes me cringe. These journalists who write articles likes this just want to create fake outrage by needlessly antagonizing people and making something that should just be a fun event for women into a big “fuck you” to men. It’s pathetic.

And according to the poorly written article, because there have been so few comic book movies with women leads in them women should have women-only screenings? I don’t understand the writer’s argument here. But you can bet your mother fucken ass there would be an outcry like none other if there was an all-men showing of a movie.  Some people’s view of so-called “equality” is more along the lines of “Ahaha! Now we get our revenge on you!” which really shows a level of childlike maturity. Either you are against any form of discrimination or you are not. Seems like when it aligns with feminists and the writers perspective then discrimination is just fine as long as they are the ones doing the discrimination.

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One Response to Faux outrage over woman only Wonder Woman screening

  1. Joel says:

    It’s manufactured outrage. The studio plants a couple of carefully crafted stories about sexist male oppression and then let the media outlets advertise their movie for them. They did the same thing with that shitty ghost busters reboot, complete with a “grassroots” movement to make it a women’s night out screening.

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