Dear Feminist Frequency and Anita Sarkeesian

Dear Feminist Frequency and Anita Sarkeesian, the Far Cry franchise was and never will be a franchise based on political views or agenda pushing. Especially since the Far Cry games have batshit insane stories and who’s main bad guys are always mass murdering psychopaths, who enjoy the thrill of killing. So expecting it to deliver some sort of political commentary is absolutely hilarious. There is absolutely nothing in Anita Sarkeesian’s statements or how she views video games to indicate that she operates under anything even approaching a rational worldview.

And trying to follow this woman’s logic is like smelling the color nine. Anita subsists on making faux-profound statements at the supposed oppression she sees lurking in the shadows in the video game industry. Am I the only one who noticed that they “conveniently” cropped the original image released by Ubisoft in which there is a white man on his knees in front of the table with the word sinner carved into his back. But that probably goes against the narrative. Having said that I am actually amazed that they weren’t bitching about diversity on the cover….


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2 Responses to Dear Feminist Frequency and Anita Sarkeesian

  1. Dr. Jacoby says:

    Far Cry 1-4 are about the evils of ccolonialism you dork. Of course they’re political.
    Sarkeesian’s take is not good but yours is straight up retarded

    • larch says:

      Yes but is not used as a political statement but as a plot device for the story. Also 3-4 had nothing to do with COLONIALISM the main bad guys in both 3 and 4 were both natives of the countries they were invading if I recall correctly.

      Also Dork? What year is this 1980?

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