Safe spaces at a metal concert? Has the world has gone mad?

Ah, so it has come to this after I talked about this last year October. In most shows and moshpits I have attended in my life as a metal/punk fan a kind of unspoken etiquette. You as moshers take over his/her own space. And in that “space” you are allowed to do as you please. And it is generally frowned upon to grab anyone who isn’t obviously willing to participate. We don’t need safe spaces or mosh free zones at metal concerts to get rid of girls being sexually assaulted at gigs. But you know what we do need?  We need the community to step up and ensure that if something like this happens it is dealt with swiftly, which almost always happens in all the cases I have come across. And I can confidently speak for nearly all heavy metal fans like myself, we despise the kind of person who goes to a metal gig with the sole purpose of sexually assaulting someone. And they are definitely not welcome in our community.

Some of the worst beatings I have seen happen were from those who messed with a girl/woman, be it in the pit or while at the concert. It’s always great when people decide they like what you’re doing so much they want to be part of it but then want you to change what you’re doing. That is where I draw the line: “I thought you liked this? Yes, but I’d like it better if you changed it. Well, why don’t you make your own scene instead? Because I like this scene.So why do you want to change it then if you like it? Because I want it to suit me. What about everyone that was already here and created it and like it as it is? They don’t count, only I count…” The whole point of the metal/punk subculture is that it caters to a certain like-minded group of people, like pretty much any subculture. My experience of metal-heads and its culture has only been positive, with only a minority ruining the overall positive experience.


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2 Responses to Safe spaces at a metal concert? Has the world has gone mad?

  1. johannes says:

    if you don’t like a scene create your own. If you like a scene shit up and enjoy the scene. Assaults of all kinds happen everywhere. Change yourself before you try to change the world. Nailed it on the head . “I am new here- change it for me” is the crap mindset of too many people.

  2. vidchord says:

    standing in the back or off to the side was always calm and molestation free. Perhaps these “safe zones” will now make it more apparent to first time concert goers. And everyone concert I’ve ever been, moshing and crowd surfing was prohibited, but it was always a constant thing, so I doubt they will be going anywhere anytime soon.

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