MalwareTech get’s doxxed by media

Did I not just talk about the dumpster digging trash tabloid style media a few days ago? This guy figured out how to shut down the biggest ransomware attack in history. And this is how he gets “rewarded”  for his efforts?! The press can go fuck themselves. There needs to be some sort of “Responsibility in Media Act” that punishes the press when they pull shit like this. It is not even remotely in the media’s interest to have dox this guy. He’s not some villain who needs or deserves to be exposed. Fuck the press for doing this, there was a reason why he wanted to stay anonymous. He works in an industry that requires it, there are people out there who can now use it to attack him, using the personal details they made public….

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  1. Chris Maillet says:

    I guess Britain isn’t aware of the concept of a “Right to Privacy”.
    Man, that place gets more fucked up by the day.

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