My misgivings regarding The Witcher TV series announcement

Since the announcement yesterday that The Witcher franchise will become made into a series with the help of Netflix, SeanDanielCompany and Andrzej Sapkowski. The internet and The Witcher fandom have gone absolutely nuts, social media was filled with posts made by fans and none fans alike on how amazing it is going to be and that they cannot wait to watch it. Call me a cynical, jaded old man but am I the only one thinking that this is not going to turn out like people want it to turn out? Now don’t get me wrong I am a massive fan of the franchise, I have played all the games read most of the books and have soaked up pretty much every piece of Witcher lore there is to find on the internet.

But when it comes to adapting video games (Yes I am aware it was a series of books before it was a game, but the games are more well known than the actual books.) I have zero faith in Hollywood’s ability to do this. And when I mention this during the many online discussion I have had thus far, people tell me it is Netflix, and I am assuming they mention this because of some of the high quality shows that have come out of the Netflix stable. While it is true that there are some high-quality shows on Netflix, there are also some real stinkers like Real Rob and Haters Back Off just to mention a few. Then there is also the fact that CD Projekt RED has already set an extremely high standard when it comes to the video games.

And fans of the franchise are used to the fact that CD Projekt RED has constantly met and exceeded their fans expectation when it comes to the Witcher series. So it stands to reasons that both Netflix and SeanDanielCompany has some extremely mighty shoes to fill. That would be their first hurdle they would need to overcome the quality level of their show and the fans expectation. The second thing that would be a problem especially in this day and age of moral outrage police patrolling mediums like video games, movies, and TV shows would be the show’s content. The books had plenty of sex and nudity in it not to mention it covers controversial topics like racism and xenophobia.

And plenty of other topics that would put these moral busybodies into a flat spin, it would be a shame if the show were to be caught in some faux moral outrage. If I can dispense one single nugget of wisdom to Netflix and  SeanDanielCompany that won’t cost them a failed TV series. Honor the source material, because the lack of knowledge has destroyed many reboots and remakes. And most important of all, market it to the fans. The fans are the ones who will be watching this series and the fans are the ones telling others people to go see these movies. If you are going to market it to any other demography and insert politics into it, your show will fail.


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