The Meaning of Irony: Male feminist YouTuber kills girlfriend

For the record, what has happened is terrible and I am in no way making fun of what as happened or the situation, but you have to see the irony in all of this Aleksandr Kolpakov being a pro-feminist and advocating for them and posting Tweets like the one below:

Only to end up murdering his girlfriend in cold blood, that is a tragic irony if I have ever seen it. Might thoughts go out to the family of Heather Anable. But having said that, I see a bunch of people jumping on their little soapboxes with their moral grandstanding proclaiming that PTSD was the cause behind Aleksandr Kolpakov (The Skeptic Feminist) murdering his girlfriend (Heather Anable) and co-host on his Youtube channel. That is not how PTSD works, PTSD does not generally lead to or excuse murder or physical harm to other human beings. PTSD is a disorder that causes behavior problems such as irritability, hostility, and self-destructive behavior. The only psychological effects of PTSD are fear, anxiety, and mistrust. Also, I find it laughable that the excuse of PTSD is being used.

He served in the coast guard and then transferred to the army national guard for 3 years. His only “campaign” he has listed is to Virginia for a year so I would be really interested in where he got PTSD from. But you know what does cause this? Psychopathy, on the other hand, does cause this. Skeptic Aleksandr Kolpakov is not a victim of PTSD, he was a ticking time bomb waiting to go off and lead to someone’s inevitable death, and unfortunately, it was his girlfriend. He came off as being a narcissist and a psychopath in his Youtube videos, none of which are traits of someone suffering from PTSD. And using it as some excuse to try and somehow lessen the punishment he is about to receive is a disservice to all those who actually do suffer from PTSD.

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