Marvel cancelling Black Panther & The Crew

Well, not like I saw this coming from a mile away. I mentioned this happening November last year and now it seems to be in full swing with comic books being canceled left right and center. Where are all these so-called progressive Social Justice Warriors now with their support? Why aren’t they coming out in droves to support these comic books?  Marvel sales have sunk faster than the Titanic after hitting that iceberg. Am I surprised? Not really, this is what happens when you pander instead of keeping your existing fanbase happy. Now that Marvel is pandering to those who don’t really buy their product, they are now pushing and alienating those who do support them right into the arms of their competition DC and Valliant. A lot of people including myself are just done with being inundated with force diversity, moral posturing, and lecturing.

I and many other fans read comic books to escape reality as a form of escapism if we wanted to be lectured at, we would have signed up for a gender studies course. The big problem with these loud petulant Social Justice Warriors types is, they refuse to acknowledge that they are not the primary demographic for comic books. No matter how much they scream about equal representation. And for some reason, Marvel has yet to figure this out. The reality of the situation is if the majority of you customers are not buying something, it gets canceled. Marvel like any other company is a business, that is the bottom line. The people who complain about these cancellations are the people who are living in a world of what they want, but not a world of what actually works. And these canceled titles are evidence of this.

[Editorial Note:] How bad did the sales have to be? Canceled in two issues means it hit the shelves and only after a single week of sales it was already deemed not profitable.

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