IGN changes Prey review score from 4.0 to 8.0

I literally wrote about this not two days ago then this happens. So I am guessing the penny dropped after people rightfully questioned IGN and Dan Stapleton’s review of Prey. It just goes to show you how desperate gaming websites like IGN is for traffic and clicks to their website. I think I should call you Dan Backpedaling Stapleton from now on. Dan was clearly upset with the review embargo policy of Bethesda, so when he found a game breaking bug he tore Prey and Bethesda a new one, even though in the past he was more than willing to overlook such things and give good review scores. Simple fact here is that IGN should have waited to publish the review, but clearly getting out the review first was more important.

And to those people saying the game was buggy at release.The save game breaking bug was extremely rare. Dan was one of a small minority of players to experience this bug before it quickly got patched. And having played and finished it I can safely say it is one of the least buggy games to ever come out of Bethesda. I have no issue with the review score changing, the issue I have is with constancy when IGN gives games like Dishonored 2 on PC a 9.3/10 score even though the game had massive performance issues and wasn’t playable till a patch was released. And 8.4/10 for Fallout 4  a game that was littered with bugs including game breaking ones. So how exactly does that work? Shouldn’t all reviews and games be held to the same standard?

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