Video Game journalism. What a joke.

So we have a situation that requires some tinfoil protection so I would recommend getting that roll of tinfoil from under your bed where you were storing it for that alien invasion that is never going to happen and fashion yourself a hat and put it on for the duration of this rant of mine. So IGN’s Dan Stapleton gave Prey a review score of 4.0 because he encountered a game-breaking bug during his review, which caused a savegame corruption. So he had to restart the entire game. According to what I have read online and watching other reviews on Youtube from people playing the PC version, there was no mention of this bug. So it seems to be a pretty rare occurrence. So I have a few questions. First, this is the very same IGN who gave games like Dishonored 2 on PC a 9.3/10 score even though the game had massive performance issues and wasn’t playable till a patch was released.

And 8.4/10 for Fallout 4  a game that was littered with bugs including game breaking ones. So how exactly does that work? The second thing, the very same Dan Stapleton gave Mass Effect Andromeda a 7.7/10, a game that is arguably the worst received game in the history of the Mass Effect franchise and was also littered with bugs. So it seems like a bit of a double standard not holding other games you have reviewed to the same standard. Hold onto your tinfoil hat folks, I got the feeling reading Dan’s review that he was just itching to give it a bad review because of Bethesda’s policy towards gaming journalism outlets like IGN. The bug was just a convenient excuse that presented itself during his review and gave him the perfect excuse for giving the game a low score.

Add to the fact that Dan wrote a massive rant regarding Bethesda’s “no early copies for the gaming press” policy last year. He has both the motive and the reason for wanting to give Prey a low score, almost like a child throwing a tantrum in public place to get back at their parent’s for not wanting to buy them that toy they wanted for Christmas. It looks like we won’t need that tinfoil hat’s after all, so is it surprising that Gamespot also gave Prey a 6/10? Not really no. Tamoor Hussain review of the game can basically be summed up as: “this game didn’t play the way I wanted it to play.” That’s a problem with your personal expectations and not the game. And Jason Schreier at Kotaku wrote an incredibly negative rant about Prey and Bethesda in a piece titled “Prey Shows That Bethesda’s Review Policy Is Even Bad For Bethesda”.

In the article he states the following: “It’s worth noting that Bethesda has blacklisted Kotaku for three and a half years now, and while of course, we have continued to cover the publisher’s games fairly and honestly, this particular policy has no effect on us.” This is the very same person who stated that the journalists at Kotaku never claimed to be objective and that objectivity is a silly thing to strive for. And true to form he throws that objectivity right out the window. The very same Kotaku who leaked story aspects of Fallout 4 and various spoilers before it’s release under the guise of performing a “public service” to their readers. Kotaku has written enough clickbait articles and displayed enough hypocrisy for me that they sound kind of stupid claiming some sort of moral or ethical high ground here.

All three these publications have a bone to pick with Bethesda because they have all been affected by the review policies, so what would be the perfect way to get back at them? Give the games they release bad reviews out of pure spite. And like I have stated before in an earlier article I don’t believe that Bethesda’s early review policy is anti-consumer. This put the reviewers into the same place as us the consumers. Suddenly the reviewers don’t owe the publishers any more than the consumers. Why should places like IGN, Gamespot, and Kotaku receive special treatment? “To inform consumers” my fucken ass, how can I be sure your review is fair if you are receiving stuff for free and in advance from a developer? Gamers and publications should realize that they don’t need to buy the game on release day.

[Editorial Note:]  This seems extremely childish on these publications part since they are basically trying to strong arm Bethesda into dealing with them again. By giving their games bad review scores and airing their dirty laundry in their reviews, instead of objectively reviewing a game. As a side note, I played and finished Prey and enjoyed it thoroughly.

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  3. The thing about most of these big media outlets is that none of them have any personality whatsoever. Not a single person is clicking on IGN or Kotaku’s review to see a specific person’s opinion on a game like they would with an AngryJoe or a Totalbiscuit. The only thing these sites have is the speed at which they can publish, dictated by embargoes and review copies. Now that Bethesda has taken away that, they’re left with nothing.

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