When you are intimidated by a sex doll

Funny how these people making the comments on Twitter can’t comprehend ‘fantasy’, especially when most of these people live in their own little fantasy worlds with rainbow shitting unicorns. Having said that if someone is going to pay $6499 for a sex robot they sure as shit won’t order one that looks like a regular Jane with a muffin-top and double chin. I mean, if you want to buy a sex robot, chances are you want a pretty one.

This shit ain’t cheap you know! May as well treat yourself with one that looks like a supermodel, with all the optional extras like Bluetooth WiFi, and the ability to cook and clean. But having said that by the time I would be able to afford one I would be too old to get a boner by the time that happens. But here is the thing if you as a person gets intimidated by a robotic doll then you have bigger issues at hand.

[Editorial Note:] Time to start a sex robot union! Someone needs to protect the rights of these women from the basement dwelling internet misogynists!

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2 Responses to When you are intimidated by a sex doll

  1. Call me crazy, but mountain men need lovin’, too. So I can’t blame some people for wanting a woman that doesn’t talk back and complain about having pork n beans and deer meat, every night.

  2. zodak says:

    I love that they are suddenly worried that the only thing they had of value can now be purchased & probably of higher quality. most certainly new & unused! “a woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle”? lmao!!

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