Forced diversity in video games does not work!

I hate forced diversity in video games, as it always ends up being mere pandering to social critics of video games. And it ends up being a meaningless addition to a game, and 99.9% of the time it comes across as painfully transparent and artificial and in the end hurts the story and the game more than it helps it.  If you make a video game that happens to have females or minorities or whatever, fans will come to it. They always usually do. But there is a right way and a wrong way to do diversity in video games, and just wholesale adding woman or minorities in a video game for political reasons is definitely the wrong way of doing things.

The right way of doing it is to give deserved spotlight and marketing to female or minority characters, or to characters who are established but haven’t gotten their dues. The constant push for token characters in video games now has the effect of watering down those characters. Instead of being well rounded and written characters, they become defined by their tokenism, and not by the actual skill that went into creating said characters. I definitely get annoyed when diversity in a video game is brought up and paraded around as a selling point for the game, it is one of the warning signs telling me to stay away from the game and not buy it.

Let the strength of your characters in your video games speak for themselves, I don’t care what they look like or what their sexual orientation is. As long as they are well written I don’t give a flying fuck. Even more annoying is when people start giving good reviews to bad games and overlooking the flaws of the game because the game just happens to celebrate diversity. As if it gives it a free pass and somehow puts it above being criticized. Which bring me to my biggest criticism of forced diversity: When developers are afraid to create a game or character they envisioned because a group of people will be upset because a video game doesn’t have a character like them or doesn’t specific demographic.

And the solution to that should not be to pressure developers to just throw in those meaningless female or minorities characters in their games. Why not instead of forcing it let it happen and evolve naturally and on its own, this will take time but it would definitely benefit the industry as it would be a natural evolution, not a forced one. Let this be a reminder to developers and publishers alike, that shoehorning in diversity for diversity’s sake sacrifices the developer’s vision, creativity, and integrity. And never ends well. Gamers like myself don’t care about inclusion or diversity, we want good writing. If it so happens the character is female or a minority then great. If not so what?

[Editorial Note:] Forced diversity stifles creativity it does not help the creative process but hinders it instead. And I worry about this because I feel like those who are shoehorning this bullshit knows what they are doing and don’t care about the impact it has on games and the video game industry.


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