Tekken 7: Roger the kangaroo out of a “job”

Hey animal rights activists, thank you for ruining Roger the kangaroo’s life. He had a decent job as a video gamer character in the Tekken games. Now Roger the Kangaroo is jobless. These animal rights activists are worse than the feminists who complain about virtual female characters showing cleavage. When animal rights activists can’t tell the difference between video games and real life. It used to be that society thought that gamers could not tell the difference between video games and real life. I remember that one time I finished playing Tekken 3 and I went to a zoo and started a fight with a kangaroo. However not as bad as that time I finished playing GTA 5. You got to love the reasoning for them removing the Kangaroo but the bear can’t stay.

Red kangaroo males can beat the ever living shit out of people….

But the kangaroo has to go? In a game where people have wings and shoot lasers from a third eye and throw each other several feet into the air breaking arms and legs, but a Kangaroo is not allowed to fight? Okay then…These people should go pick a fight with a male red Kangaroo and let me know how it goes for them. It seems that there is no level cap on human stupidity and how pathetic they can be. I am all for animal rights activism, but this level of stupidity is why people don’t take people like PETA seriously. Rhino’s and elephants are being wholesale slaughtered in South Africa and in other countries but these people are going after developers for including virtual animals in their fighting games? I thought activists had important and useful things to protest, guess not. My bad…

[Editorial Note:] This must be the dumbest series of decisions and capitulating to the demands of a bunch of thin skinned pussies I have ever seen in my life.

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  1. I’m pretty bummed about this one, but it seems that Harada may be trolling the fans. Who knows, maybe we’ll still get Alex the Raptor! After all, social justice can’t be served to those that are extinct!!

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