No not all gamers are racist, sexist or homophobic

You often hear the video game press writing articles on how white male gamers like myself despise playing video games that don’t have the standard white male protagonists in them. And if you consider what I wrote about (here) and what video games means to myself and most gamers as an entertainment medium and form of escapism. Would it not be completely contradictory that when games are about escapism into a fantasy world, and “role-playing” as something or someone else that you would refuse a new experience because the character in a video just so happens to me a POC or female? Do these people not hear themselves when they write these types of things? I mean seriously. It is the exact opposite of what is currently happen in the real world. Horizon Zero Dawn sold more than 2 million copies in just over two weeks, and coincidently one of my favorite games of 2017.

I can rattle off all the names of games I have played and enjoyed that had female and POC of leads in them, but that defense has become old and tired and has done nothing for our cause. I have been raised with a healthy respect for woman as the mother of our children, caregivers and the foundation of the family. And while I grew up surrounded by racism, I am not one myself and as a child, I knew instinctively that it was wrong. And when it is all said and done under the different colors of skin we all bleed the same. So why do you have to ask yourself is that if white male gamers hate playing as anything other characters that is not white and male, why are games that feature female leads doing exceedingly well in the marketplace. And why can I as a straight white male say with confidence that some of my favorite games have POC and woman in them?

So why as someone who hates woman and POC so much according to the gaming press why then would that be the case? It means one of us is lying, either it is we the gamers or the gaming press. So, if we dig a bit deeper and look beyond just that there are a few things we can take note of. I might not speak for every single gamer out there but I can speak for myself and the friends I made over the years playing games, both online and offline. Not anyone of us is either racist or sexist and I can speak with confidence and say without a single doubt in my mind that most of the gaming community is not. Now I am not denying that there is a small minority of assholes that are indeed racist and sexist, but you find them in every single community out there. They are not exclusively found in the gaming community alone.  And these actions of the minority definitely do not reflect on that of the majority.

So now that leaves us with the gaming press and this narrative they have been pushing the last couple of years, portraying us as the lowly scum of the earth hating woman and POC in the damp basements of our parent’s houses.  So, what do the media get for perpetuating these outright lies? It is simply really, they are in bed with the people who want to push their agenda’s and politics into video games and the industry. That is why we have websites like “Deepfreeze” that has hundreds of cases of collusion and dishonesty between the media and these people. And I suggest you go check it out just to see for yourself how deep this collusion goes. It is a parasitic relationship people like the SJW get their filthy hooks into the industry and the gaming press gets that juicy click bait articles that make them their money and generates the traffic to their websites….

[Editorial Note:] This is why I write articles likes these for every garbage click bait article the write I counter with one of my own, these people should not go unchallenged and need to be called out on their blatant lies and dishonesty. We simply cannot allow them to perpetuate these lies anymore.

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  1. The media these days are definitely not doing themselves any favors with their blanket generalizations. Though, it seems like gamers have long been their favorite demographic to rag on and blame for just about anything. No, not at gamers are sexists, racists or homophobic. And no, not every gamer who plays CoD or GTA can snap and kill people at any second
    That said, would you like to share your articles in our Gaming bloggers FB group? Just search for “Game Bloggers United” on Facebook. 😀

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