Punching Nazi’s: We have come full circle now

Remember when everyone cheered when supposed Nazi Richard B. Spencer was punched in the face during an interview? Everyone cheered and everyone justified it with their mental gymnastics. Well, surprise surprise the people being called Nazi’s are now punching back at their aggressors. First, it was okay to punch nazis. Then everyone you did not like or agree with politically was a Nazi in disguise. Then the supposed Nazi’s started punching back and predictably were get what happened at Berkley recently. And of course (like clockwork) the media are having a field day with this: “SHOCKING footage shows a cowardly white supremacist punching a female protester in the face during a violent demonstration” and the classic: “White supremacist caught on video sucker-punching woman.”

Rawstory I don’t think you understand the term sucker punch, a sucker punch is when someone hits someone else from behind, usually when the person being hit doesn’t know it until afterward’s. Louise Rosealma is not the innocent victim as the media likes to portray her, she went to the protest with one thing on the mind. To instigate violence, as she mentioned in her Facebook status: Headed to Berkley to disrupt the Neo-Nazi jerk circle toady. Nervous af but determined to bring back 100 Nazi scalps. Not to mention she is was wearing hard knuckle tactical gloves, perfect for punching Nazi’s in the face. If you go to a rally with premeditated violence on the mind wearing gear made for combat, don’t expect any sympathy from me when you get punched in the face irrespective if you have a pair of tits or not. You went out looking for trouble and you found it.

[Editorial Note:] I abhor violence but this wasn’t unprovoked.

[Edit:] Seems she was interviewed and her version is totally different (obviously):

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