CNN is blaming video games for the Cleveland killer

And here we go again folks, we have literally regressed back to the late 90’s Jack Thompson era of “video games causes school shootings” thanks, CNN. Video game journalists have been repeating the mantra of video games causes sexism for well over 5 years now and it still has not been proven to be true, no matter how many crackpot studies you use as prove. And the same thing applies to video game violence causing real world violence, no matter how much you talk about it, repeat it and claim that there is a link it won’t make the fact that there is no link more or less true. Some people especially the media who are unfamiliar with the medium treat video games as if they were some sort of infallible truth, that if you shoot someone in a video game.

Then you are also capable of shooting someone in real life, forgetting that any sane person/gamer knows that games are fantasy not reality. People having been murdering and killing each other since the days of Cain and Abel, they did not need video games then and they certainly would not need them now. Considering just how big the video game industry is if games had any direct correlation with violence then we would be living in a hellish post-apocalyptic word. The mental gymnastics did not work with rock music in the 50’s. It also did not work for metal music in the 80’s and it most certainly won’t work with video games. Everybody wants to blame something be it guns, race or video games. How about we just blame murders on murderers?

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