Dear Huffington Post South Africa

The idea this article perpetuates is outrageous, not to mention a complete work of fantasy. You simply cannot expect people to just be fine with this style of collective punishment, especially if it is based on race and gender. And according to Shelley Garland me being a South African, hetero, progressive, white male who is faithful to his wife, loves his son, does not drink or smoke, and works long hours to support my family. And in being who I am and do what a father and husband need’s to do I am the “white devil”  responsible for all of the world’s problems? Did Shelley Garland forget what has happened in Zimbabwe recently? The country that famously “redistributed” wealth by taking all the farm land and equipment owned by white farmers and gave them to the local Zimbabwean people. It was and still is the cause of misery, famine, pandemics, endless internecine bloodshed in Zimbabwe.

And as a whole, their politicians and president are still incapable of taking responsibility for their own behavior. Which is pretty much a trend in South Africa and Africa as a whole as seen by our South African government blaming their shortcomings on apartheid that ended 22 years ago. It is a dead horse they keep on beating, poor sanitation? Must be apartheid’s fault. Poor road infrastructure?  Must be apartheid’s fault, never once taking personal responsibility for their own corrupt actions. So I ask you Shelley: If we take away men’s right to vote like women didn’t use to have… can we also take away men’s other responsibilities and obligations and redistribute them to those who are incapable of responsibility or obligation? I wholehearted reject the idea that I owe a debt to society by virtue of the color of my skin. And anyone who wants to perpetuate this idea and enforce it can go fuck themselves.

[Editorial Note:] If you are wondering who approves crap articles like these, then look no further than a recent Huffington Post editors meeting. Fucken irony at it’s best:

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