Welcome to 2017, where even clowns get triggered

I cannot make up this shit even if I wanted too. Strange though, the original TV mini-series never garnered the same amount of backlash that the remake is getting now. I have never witnessed so many people get as easily offended or be so overly sensitive about pretty much everything, unlike this generation. Was there so much controversy when Eli Roth made a movie that implied the very concept of clowns was based on a child eating demon? But then again, IT is more widely known I suppose. And I am pretty sure it is not hurting them as much as those crazy clown sighting all over the place last year. Which suddenly just stopped. Celine Harland from Glasgow – who has performed as Tickles the clown for 17 years – told the Press Association: “I have parents and teachers phoning me… they’re scared to hire you for 35 kids in case they’ve got one child who will be upset.” 

What kind of parents takes their kids to go watch IT, I mean seriously!?  Not that you guys had an image problem already, you remember John Wayne Gacy aka “Pogo the Clown”?  You know the American serial killer and rapist who dressed up as a clown. He sexually assaulted, tortured and murdered at least 33 teenage boys and young men between 1972 and 1978 in Cook County, Illinois. Pro clowns would rather blame a movie than realize that they are part of a dying and obsolete profession. Who hires them? What kind of child wants a clown at their birthday party in 2017? But it does not seem that all of “clowndom” views the movie as a bad thing. As “Kinko the Clown” (a.k.a. Keith Nelson) seems to be more level-headed about the movie than is fellow complaining clowns when he was recently interviewed on the pop culture website Complex.

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