Marvel must fire Ardian Syaf

For those who have missed this, a Marvel artist by the name of Ardian Syaf hid Anti-Christian and Jewish messages inside of Marvels latest X-Men comic book. Ardian Syaf is free and allowed to have his own personal opinion on politics, as long as they don’t actually encroach on the rights of someone else. But seriously for fuck sake, you are an international artist working for an international company on a widely known publication. Learn to act like a fucken professional.

A company’s entertainment products especially comic books are not your personal platform to hide hateful messages and sneak them past your editors. Just imagine the chaos if all artists did this, make a political mark on somebody else’s products or work. People need to remember this is the first books that Marvel promised that they will go back to the “meat and potatoes” classic comic stories. No more moral or political lecturing and forced diversity and definitely no Social Justice Warrior bullshit.

And then this happens, this was supposed to be where the controversy ended for Marvel. It is shown a few times that Ardian Syaf can’t be professional and keep his politics out of his work. And before people start screeching freedom of speech: This isn’t a creator-owned work, he does not own the characters. He was hired to do a job and not to insert subversive elements into someone else’s work. And then this happens, this was supposed to be where the controversy ended for Marvel.

Having said that, if a white guy snuck in an anti-gay or anti-black message in a comic book they would have to be fired on the spot. Instantly guaranteed, and be shunned and denounced by Marvel. I doubt that the same thing will happen to Ardian Syaf, purely because the American left and Social Justice Warriors view Muslims as a demographic that should get special treatment. Honestly, I hope I am wrong, I would love to be wrong in this case, but I doubt I am.

[Editorial Note:] If you hire someone to paint the roof of your house red and he ends up painting it black then you’ve every right to fire him.

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2 Responses to Marvel must fire Ardian Syaf

  1. Silvester says:

    [Observer Note:] Why doesn’t the author of this op ed produce their own artistic impression for Marvel and see if they cop any backlash. In other words, you can never win with you people. Ever. Always whinging about something. And to call for him to be fired. Grow up and stop being so childish.

    • larch says:

      This author, when contracted does his job as specified by my employer. I don’t feel the need to plaster my anti-semitic hidden logo’s or symbols all over my work when I am done. I am here to do my job not preach my close minded views to people, that was not the job I was paid to do. Also hiding behind “artistic impression” as a justification is just passing the buck. Sorry but it does not seem that I am the one in need of growing up.

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