Oh the horror! Comics Alliance to close!

Note the sarcastic tone of the subject and this article? I don’t usually dance on the graves of other people’s misfortunate. But I already made an exception when Gawker self-imploded so I guess I will make an exception for Comics Alliance as well. You have to love karma especially if someone else is on the receiving end?  You see Comics Alliance this is what happens when you shit all over comic books fans. And treating them like garbage and painting us in the media as basement dwelling woman haters.

Remember when they released this comic? This is karma coming back to fuck you in the ass with a 16″ strap-on with no lube. Who would have thought that insulting comic books fans was a sound business strategy? Not to mention their attempt to write a hit piece on Frank Cho because they do not like his art. This is what happens when you put your moral and political agendas before everything else, including reporting on news in the comic book industry. Which was supposed to be your fucken job in the first place….

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