Netflix’s live-action Death Note: Where is the outrage?

So I noticed something strange the past few days after the release of Netflix’s trailer for the Western version of the Manga/Anime Death Note. Where are all the usual suspect screaming and screeching “whitewashing” and “cultural appropriation”?  Because trying to spot an Asian in the trailer, was harder than trying to find Waldo in “Where is Waldo”. Not to mention that L is now a black brother from the hood. The cast is about as diverse as my mother’s Sunday lunch, and yet the only online publication that was really discussing the issue was Cosmopolitan. Yes, the every same Cosmopolitan that gives you fashion and sex advice.

But where is that same level of outrage we got to see with Ghost in the Shell? I would have thought that a franchise as popular Death Note would have a far bigger following than Ghost in the Shell? Could it be that having a black man cast in the role of L is creating a moral conundrum for the social justice warriors? Can’t call it whitewashing because he is black? So what do we call it a “blackout”? Blackening? So you have to wonder where are all those constantly offended are at? Enjoying a skinny Cinnamon Dolce Latte at Starbucks? And while forcing myself to read the entirety of the Cosmopolitan article I stumbled upon the above right at the end of the article. And no you cannot even make up this shit even if you wanted too.

So according to the writer of the article, Netflix casting Light as a white male, will end up in him looking more like a crazy white supremacist and an angry white teen with easy access to a murder weapon. And that according to her this is not new or interesting. Really!?  As opposed to making him a mentally disturbed Asian who goes on a knife-wielding rampage and stabs 19 people to death and injuring 25. So let’s put a different spin on it! Let’s cast him as an Asian American! He would then be a gun/knife wielding mentally disturbed Asian supremacist. That would be far more progressive and interesting now, wouldn’t it?

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