Iron Fist: A sad indictment of mainstream reviewers

So looking at the screen grab below, who would you trust more especially considering how polar opposite the reviews are? The so-called “professional reviewers” whose moral and political soapbox grandstanding takes precedence over doing their actual fucken job which is reviewing a TV show. Or the actual fans for who these type of shows are created for in the first place? The very same fans who pointed out to the rest of the media that casting a white person in a role is not whitewashing ,when the character of Danny Rand aka Iron Fist has always been white. So the irony is not lost on me when it was announced that Iron Fist is now the most-binged watched show on Netflix. There are definitely a couple of lessons we can take from all of this:

Firstly, it is a sad reality that we now live in a world and society where mainstream media critics cannot be trusted to do reviews that are honest and fair. Without first inserting their own, agendas and political views into a review. Secondly, it was amazing just how uninformed these reviewers were regarding the origins of Iron Fist and his history. And lastly how coordinated all the responses seem to be from all the reviewers and publications,  all echoing the same exact points over and over and over again. It was pretty clear from the outset that most reviewers were conflating words like: “cultural appropriation” and “whitewashing” with the merits of the show’s writing, acting and production.

[Editorial Note:] I watched the entirety of the first season, and yes the show definitely has its issues and a fair share of problems. But definitely not as bad as the mainstream reviewer make it out to be.

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