Marvel: Readers don’t want “diversity”

Well, not like I saw this coming from a mile away. And now we have come full circle, and now that Marvel has finally seen their sales figures sink faster than the Titanic, they are now looking to place the blame somewhere. But we know where the problem started don’t we Marvel? I said this six months ago: “The big problem with these loud petulant Social Justice Warriors types is, they refuse to acknowledge that they are not the primary demographic for comic books. No matter how much they scream about equal representation.”  And unlike the media and the Social Justice Warriors want you to believe the poor sales are less of a reflection of racism, bigotry, chauvinism in the fan base and more about trying to cater for a minority that does not care for or buy your product.

But I have to say classy, Marvel, really classy. Blame your readers instead of taking responsibility. It could not possibly be due to the company’s poor business decisions, could it? Not to mention the endless relaunches of old and established titles. Story quality declining due to politics and social issues being pushed. Characters being treated disrespectfully, not the to mention the fans who love these characters. None of these factored into the situation you find yourself in Marvel. No, because according to you and the media, it was because readers like myself don’t like diversity anymore. And what they failed to realize is that you can’t call everyone you disagree with a racist, bigot or nazi and shut us up anymore.

You and the media have played that card so often, we just laugh at these types of statements now. Now don’t get me wrong there is nothing wrong with diversity and highlighting characters that will appeal to people of color or genders/sexuality. But for the love of God, not every primary well-established character needs to change their gender or sexual preference at a snap of a finger. Write and create new characters, instead of taking characters loved by millions of fans and changing them. Diversity for diversity’s sake is rather pointless and having writers constantly preaching at us the reader about moral and social issues when we read comic books as a form of escapism does not help as well.

Here is a tip for you Marvel going forward: If you are really that keen to push diversity in your publications, then feature more of your minority characters, you have dozens of well-established characters waiting to be used. And for the love of God stop creating minority versions of existing comic book icons. When you do that, no matter how well you tell or write the story, not one comic book fan will ever see that character as their own person. But they will rather be viewed as just a black Captain America or female Thor. And spend more time creating more high-quality original characters, and less time trying to sell us on second string alternatives. That are products of bad writing and pandering to a minority that neither cares or buys your product.

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  1. SJW’s also don’t care that they’re destroying nerd culture. We’re just nerds, who cares?. As Karen Straughn pointed out, try to get them to go after romance novels with rape scenes/themes. Oh, no, you won’t see that happen. Hell, why not call for the male lead of a Jane Austin film adaptation to be closeted gay, black, hispanic, asian or transgender?. Insane Janeites would burn Hollywood to the ground before that happens.

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