Gamers never learn, do we?

“Did I ever tell you what the definition of insanity is? Insanity is doing the exact… same fucking thing… over and over again expecting… shit to change… That. Is. Crazy.” 

With the announcement Destiny 2 and the subsequent trailers, one of them featuring the voice of Nathan Fillion the gaming press and the gaming community as a whole have been all jumping aboard the hype train that is the Destiny 2 announcement. But I have a question? Have we forgotten what happened with Destiny? Did we forget that that game was almost unplayable for more than 2 weeks due to server issues? And then more than a month of random disconnection, lag and other connection related issue, that is if you even got past the loading screen. Not to mention that Destiny had a huge content problem at launch. There simply wasn’t enough to do, and what there was only held your attention for a couple of hours.

And a sparse story with all of the lore and a good number of details which strangely was nowhere to be found in the game. So you had to go find it on the internet, almost as if they did not have time to finish the game properly. And the story missions are mostly all the same. Move from point A to point B, shoot enemies, let your ghost hack a computer while you fight a few waves of enemies, rinse and repeat the entirety of the game. And in my opinion, the grind and repetitiveness destroy all its good points the game had. Not to mention Bungie’s absolutely abysmal communication with its user base and fans regarding all the teething problems the game had. And finally, there was the insane pricing for the expansions.

$40 got you one new explorable location when the base game shipped with four locations at $60. Not to mention a whole slew of other issues that made headlines on a regular basis, and when all is said and done the sad thing is I fell for all the hype, hook, line and sinker. It was an extremely expensive lesson I learned, which was also my turning point when it came to pre-ordering video games and falling for the hype train. So I ask why are people and the gaming press jumping on the hype train again? We have seen no gameplay footage or anything else for that matter yet you are already able to pre-order it. Really people? Are we going to keep making the same mistakes over and over again? Did we not see what happened the first time around, so instead of saying no we are throwing money at them again? And somehow expect a different outcome? That is the definition of insanity….

[Editorial Note:] And till this day it is still hilarious to see people still blindly defending Bungie and Destiny after repeated showing outright arrogance and exploitation of its fanbase and the consumer.

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  1. MrMadWriter says:

    Completely agree with you. I ended up being so disappointed with Destiny on release and i feel sorry for new players. Its not easy to jump in at the very start

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