Unbaised reviews over politics

So the reviews have been slowly trickling in for the Ghost In The Shell live action adaptation and so far so good considering it is a western remake of a classic Manga/Anime and the entire whitewashing controversy that surrounded the casting choices:

Sure the movie probably won’t be winning any Oscars anytime soon, but it sure as shit is a huge step up compared to the absolute travesty that was Dragonball. Unfortunately Iron Fist another show that got called out for so-called whitewashing even though the original character is and always was white got the short end of the stick entirely:

This has now, unfortunately, become commonplace in the review industry placing your politics over giving unbiased reviews. Now when a movie gets reviewed that does not fit a reviewers ideology or political stance we don’t get a review. But rather a reviewer grandstanding on his little political soap box telling us why we should not enjoy the movie and why we should feel bad for watching and enjoying it. I and many other people do not give a single fuck about your political viewpoints, we came to read reviews and not to be lectured by some two-bit reviewer who has delusions of grandeur when it comes to politics. Do the fucken job you were paid to do and review the fucken movie, seriously how hard can that be?

Two reviews I have read so far stand out like a sore thumb: The first being the review from CBR (Comic Book Resources) who coincidentally have been posting nothing but articles that seem like the person writing it has never picked up a comic in their life. And the reason behind this shift in articles?  Because Valnet Inc bought them last year. And if you do a bit of research and take a peek at their company. Then you will notice they don’t care about comics; they care about clicks and the financial bottom line. And if you check their backlinks with ahrefs it all starts making sense. You can see how much effort they have been putting into monetization and SEO over the last year. Hence the click bait nature of their articles lately. Then right after the review, then Tim Adams blatantly tried to justify Kristy Puchko’s horrible review by writing a follow-up article you can view here. You cannot make this shit up even if you wanted to. They called the movie “astonishingly offensive” to whoever came up with that term, I don’t know if anyone can help you with whatever underlying neurological issue prompted that statement. The second review that stood out was Screencrush’s review, instead of focusing on reviewing the movie Erin Whitney decided to give us a recap of what whitewashing really is and the controversy for more than 50% of the review. This is not the review but another reviewer preaching from their moral pulpit. Unless you’re late for your identity politics seminar, then this cannot be classified as a review.

[Editorial Note:] I will still go watch the movie. And judge it based on its own merits as a long-time fan of the franchise. If it is bad then it is bad if it is good then it is good, but I will never base my opinion and reviews on my political agendas or my feelings regarding whitewashing. The same thing should apply to every single reviewer out there, no exception.


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