Diversity at the expense of creativity in video games

So we have come full circle it seems, I am not one to find joy in the misfortune of others. But Bioware had this coming, this is what happens when you try and pander to the so-called Social Justice Warriors and the video game press and media who support them. No matter how much you pander to them no matter how much you give to them they will always want more and never be happy with what was given to them. Case in point gay and transgender “representation” in Mass Affect Andromeda. Video game journalists and Social Justice Warriors have been complaining about a lack of diversity in video games for years.

Dorian from Dragon Age: Inquisition was smartly written and well rounded.

So, Bioware has capitulated to their request and now they are complaining that it is not good enough and that these characters are badly written. They asked for token characters and they got them. And guess what they weren’t happy with it at all. As this massive rant from Eurogamer clearly demonstrates. What it all boils down to is that they are complaining that they have to write a good character that so happens to be either gay or transgender as well. Should a writer of a video game character not make sure that said character is written well before deciding on his or she sexual orientation? Isn’t that the reason Bioware is finding itself in this situation? Because sexual orientation was more important than a well-written and rounded character?

Terrible, terrible fucken writing right there…

This is a message to publications like Eurogamer and Social Justice Warriors who want to change video games for the “better”:  The badly written gay and transgender characters you got in Mass Effect Andromeda is what YOU asked for. This is the “better” future YOU wanted. Remember Baldur’s Gate: Siege of Dragon Spear? There was a public outcry and shaming operation by publications and social media platforms alike towards gamers for complaining about a badly written transgender character. Polygon went after us, Venture Beats and loudmouth Jim Sterling went after us. Not once did they stop and ask themselves maybe they have a point here.

Jim Sterling having some verbal diarrhea on Twitter.

But no they were too busy sending lynch mobs after us. Maybe just maybe our criticism was not with the transgender character but the quality of the characters and his or her story and writing. But that does not fit the narrative they like to portray to the rest of the media. The portrayal that if you hate a fictional video game character that so happens to be either gay or transgender, that you hate all gay and transgender people in real life as well. Any sane person would know that such line of reasoning is fucken insane. Yet this has not stopped them from ramming this down everyone’s throats at every given opportunity. And how do you think developers respond to the pressure you put on them?

Same shit different day…

Instead of given us well rounded and written characters they throw in a token gay or transgender characters. And I can’t really blame developers, fucked if they do and fucked if they don’t. And this is why you get badly written token characters. Stop badgering developers and forcing them to create gay and transgender characters, if you don’t then this will continue to happen, mark my words. The lesson of the day is: These Social Justice morons who know absolutely nothing about the creative processes that go into creating video games should be fucken ignored. And that developers should go out there and make what they want to make, not what some special snowflake want’s them to make.

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  1. Rabidgames says:

    Maybe the developers want to put in trans characters? By now, it’s almost a token of Bioware games. And while the writing is pretty bad, straight characters aren’t written better at times.

  2. Jesse says:

    Your website was very difficult to find. I searched “Bored Anyway” on bing and found you on page 2. Get after that JSN (James Nicolas Stanton), he doesn’t know anything about Baldur’s Gate.

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