The Matrix Reboot: Why Hollywood?

So it is been announced that there is a Matrix reboot in the works, was I the only one who rolled my eyes at hearing this news? This is just another sign that Hollywood has run out of an original idea, and now have reached the absolute bottom of the barrel looking for franchises they can reboot and turn into the next cash cow they can milk for money. This trend has become pretty apparent the last 10 years or so, we are entering what one can possibly describe as a “closed loop” era for movies. Where the movie industry will be stuck in a cycle of rebooting movies every 10-15 years. So why stop at the Matrix movies?

Why not the Harry Potter movies next? And honestly, with the exception of  Reloaded and Revolutions getting tied up in its own plot, The Matrix franchise is a damned fine action-adventure that doesn’t particularly need a reboot. So I have to ask why? Considering the current state of the movie industry and the various social movements that have infected it, would a reboot even manage to reach the same level as the original movie? I would so no. So I have to ask you Hollywood. Why? These reboots are never as good as the original, and they won’t make the same amount money. So why?

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