The JonTron media witch-hunt

Where have we seen the same level of witch-hunting targeting a popular YouTuber? Oh yes, PewDiePie had the same thing happening to him, almost exactly the same fashion as with JonTron. And like PewDiePie, this was not JonTron’s first run in with the media. The TL;DR version is that JonTron went on a live stream with another popular YouTuber named Sargon of Akkad. On the live stream, he expressed some of his opinions and criticisms on multiple subjects, including progressives and how they label anyone who does not think like they do as being fascist Neo-Nazi. And in true fashion the media found a video of him wearing what “looks” like a Nazi outfit in one of his older video’s, which really was just a Starwars themed joke. And true to their form the media took that single image and blew it right out of context.

And not stopping there just like with what we have seen with PewDiePie, they added some personal slander lightly sprinkled with their own made lies, cherry picked facts and character assassinations. After that did not work they went after him a second time, this time around because of a recent stream he did, debating a professional streamer going by the name of Destiny on YouTube. Where he said a few think that the media and Social Justice Warriors can only describe as being “wrong think” ( Orwellian neologism used to describe an illegal thought). Feel free to have whatever liberal opinion you want but when you start criticizing people for having honest opinions that is where I draw the line. Because simply put, you become part of the problem and not the solution and you add nothing of value to the discussion.

[Editorial Note:] I might not agree with everything JonTron said in the debate, but the fact that the media and Social Justice Warriors would try to shut down open debate says more about them then they would like to admit.

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