Magneto now a agenda of Hydra, seriously Marvel?!

Magneto has been portrayed as a Jewish survivor of the Nazi concentration camps of World War II since the character’s inception in 1963. So after 54 years of this being the cornerstone for Magneto’s motivation in wanting to destroy humanity and protect mutants from what happened to him as a child and possibly avoid a repeat of the events of World War II. So to align him with the Hydra movement that was born in Nazi Germany, and was run by a Nazi boggles my mind. It smacks of even less taste than what Marvel did with Captain America last year, a character created by Jewish comic book creators as an anti-Nazi. Making Magneto a collaborator with Hydra is both shockingly awful writing.

This shows me just how desperate Marvel wants to sell comic books as their sales have been sinking faster than the Titanic. In no part due to them trying to cater to the Social Justice Warriors and an extremely small minority of people wanting diversity in the industry. I simply cannot fathom as comic book fan how Marvel will justify or explain Magneto, a Jewish man who was in a concentration camp as a child, aligning himself with Hydra. No amount of cosmic cubes, magic or alternative universes can explain this away. Spencer has already single handily ruined Captain America and now he’s lining up for his second attempt, and setting his sights on Magneto…

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