Nazi Punching: As fascist as it gets

Seems the mass media and the Social Justice Warriors have moved on from using those well-worn pejorative terms like ‘Racist’, ‘Sexist’, Homophobe’, Transphobe’, and, ‘Islamaphobe’, to using ‘Nazi’, and, ‘Fascist’. Because the above terms have been basically ‘used up’ and have not or little impact when being used in a discussion. And like the terms mentioned above, they aren’t being used in the correct context or sense. These terms are now being used against anyone who, not only aligns themselves with their opposition but also anyone who doesn’t agree, practically 100%, with these peoples hive-minded ideological ideals.


Like all the other pejorative buzzwords that have been thrown at people like myself to shut down any discussions. It has become quite apparent that the actual meanings of these words are irrelevant to the people who throw them around. And that they are only used because of their negative connotations in attempting to silence us their opposition. Basically, if you don’t align with the way they think about things, then you must be as bad as an actual Nazi’s or Fascists. Which makes me wonder what the media and the Social Justice Warriors will throw at the people like us who disagree with them a few weeks down the line, once these words have lost all their meaning as an insult.

And as we have seen happening the next logical step for these people is, of course, advocating for violence. Conveniently labeling us through the media in order to justify perpetrating physical violence on someone. Which is kind of ironic when you think about it, as it was the same tactics used by the Nazi party and Hitler when they wanted to cleanse Germany of the Jews. These people who called their opposition things like racists and sexist, openly demonstrated these traits themselves, so the idea of calling people fascists, so that they can attack them, is what you really would expect from actual fascists. But, as with everything else, it’s only bad when other people do it. And totally acceptable when they do it.

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