Apparently only white people profit off memes

Is this an April fools article? Wired, aren’t you guys a bit early for an April fools joke? My eyes rolled so hard they popped right out of my fucken eye sockets when I read this article. Wired I don’t know if you know this when you are writing which seems to be drug induced articles. Successful catchphrases and or memes are not race dependent when they are created. It all boils down to who creates it first and who is the fastest to catch the wave of popularity when said catchphrase or meme goes viral.

screenshot-2017-03-02-03-45-11So come on Wired let’s not pretend that the only difference between someone who successfully cashes in on a phrase or meme and someone who does not is in any way related to their race, howbowdah? Having said that, all I can say is Wired enjoy your downward journey into the bottom of the dumpster with so many other online publications. Race-baiting publications like yours are one of the big reasons why Trump got elected. I archived the article here so Wired does not get the traffic or the clicks. Cheers!

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