Gizmodo: “YouTubers find anti-semitic hill to die on”


Do these journalists ever learn? They keep on slandering and throwing insults at the subjects of their articles, they keep on throwing baseless accusations of anti-semitism at them. Have they not learned anything from the past month with PewDiePie and The Wall Street Journal? The Youtubers and their communities have had enough of your shit, and are pushing back now, Gizmodo the only thing you are achieving with this is uniting different Youtubers and their fans and making them stronger. Have you ever heard of “reverse slope defence” no? Then I suggest you learn some military strategy, I will rather be standing on top of a hill than at the bottom of it.

[Editorial Note:] If you want to read the entire article you will find it archived here. Not going to give them the satisfaction of the revenue or the traffic they might get from this.

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One Response to Gizmodo: “YouTubers find anti-semitic hill to die on”

  1. moseszd says:

    But are they journalists? In the sense that they answer the who, what, when, where, how and why questions of journalism. What I see is opinion mongering, character assassination and the telling of tales that are often deficient in answering these journalistic questions.

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