“Pull a Takei” is now an internet term, what a time to be alive!

Got to love these clueless actors and musicians, they keep opening their mouths only to have to put their foot in it the moment they are proven wrong. And yet they keep on spewing their self-important views on social media, thinking that people still actually care what they think and have to say. But I guess that happens when you live in your highly secured security complex surrounded by high fences and guards monitoring your every move. You end up losing touch with reality and people around you. Having said that about two weeks ago George Takei deleted a poll from his Twitter account because the results of the poll weren’t what he wanted:

takei-pollGeorge Takei asked his fans on Twitter if they trusted the media more than they trusted Donald Trump, and when almost half of the voters sided with Trump, he decided to delete it before it swung in Trump’s favor. And after deleting the poll he turned around and blamed online trolls for the skewed poll:

george-takei-alt-right-virginsPeople like George Takei expected his followers to join them in their self-created echo chamber, and vote for the prevailing social justice opinion, and then said poll will “prove” their own confirmation bias. Unfortunately, he forgot that the internet is an open platform, where everyone can vote and air their opinions. Which in almost every case does not go well for people like George Takei. Just further proof that more people on the internet need to grow a thicker skin. And just a week after this singer and actor Lilly Allen did the exact same thing:

5426437e575a413288bb06faa9a1a62cThe only difference here is she “accidently” deleted it, only to be reminded by her follows that the internet never forgets.  Now I am not saying she is George Takei, but I have never seen the two of them in the same room! Lily’s poll demonstrates that the majority of the people who voted “Pensioners” in the poll were being for all intents and purposes being entirely ironic, making the result in real terms even less to poor snowflake Lily’s liking. And just like good old George Takei she blamed internet trolls:

c5he3pgwuael5mgAnd then after being roasted by her own fanbase for showcasing her resentment towards pensioners, she turned around and claimed it was a very clever piece of satire. She also blamed Pepe the Nazi Frog and her mental health issues. These Tweets from both George Takei and Lilly Allen just goes to show you how disenfranchised these Hollywood stars are from reality. And that their opinions should be disregarded for those who do not make millions of dollars each year that elevates them from the hardships of reality most of us normal folks have to face each day.


And so “Pulled a Takei” is born, thanks to celebrities and their confirmation bias…

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3 Responses to “Pull a Takei” is now an internet term, what a time to be alive!

  1. Julie Shaw says:

    We live in the best timeline ever.

  2. lol, I hope this really becomes a thing.

  3. Matt says:

    Pulling A Takei? Why don’t we call it “Pulling a Trump”? Trump did the same thing with his much larger, President-of-the-United-fucking-States approved Media poll.

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