When celebrities start screaming for revolution

Remember how I talked about celebrities thinking they know better than us? And how they think that people actually care about their opinions? Well seems they are at it again, seems they are incapable of accepting defeating and moving on with their lives. And instead, throwing their child like temper tantrums every chance they get. The latest incident is George Takei basically calling for an “American Spring”. George do you know what revolution entails? It involves lots of violence, people killing each other people dying blood flowing in the streets. Have you seen what happened during the Arab springs, I highly doubt the rich and famous including you George will be the ones standing right in front bleeding and dying with the rest of us normal folks.


George my friend you are walking a terribly fine line here, and I highly doubt when it comes to bleeding and dying for what you believe in that you will be first in line. And as history has shown us it is not the rich or the famous who are left bleeding and dying on the streets during a revolution. It is the majority who leads these revolts, while people like you go hide under their beds in their multi-million dollar mansions with dozens of security guards protecting them. Or move to their vacation houses in some far off exotic country till everything blows over. The fact that celebrities are active in politics does not bother me as much as the fact that they use their social media platforms to push political agenda’s and how self-important they can be.


But to use your platform and influence in a means to attack and threaten (by screaming revolution), while at the same time, attempting to invalidate all opposing views with baseless accusations and buzzwords and justifying violence by using all of the above is what makes people like you George a hypocrite.  Next time a celebrity has something political to say ask yourself. Why does it matter what Amy Schumer, Lena Dunham, George Takei or George Clooney has to say? They aren’t you, they don’t know you, they don’t care about you. So how are they relevant to you? In ancient Rome actors were held on the same social level as prostitutes. Those Romans knew what was up….

[Editorial Note:] It is easy being vocal on social media, but as we have seen in the past the rich and famous rarely puts all that money of theirs were their mouths are.

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