Mass Effect Andromeda: Looking pretty bland so far…

Am I the only one thinking that after the latest trailer release for Mass Effect Andromeda that it looks rather boring and dull?  You know like one of those bland generic powerpoint presentation at those mind-numbingly corporate training meetings? I am thoroughly disappointed at what I have seen. But you may ask how can you judge a game before it is released? Well is that not the whole idea behind trailers, sneak peeks and promotional material to draw me in as a gamer and peak my interest in the game? Despite the terrible hamfisted ending of the 3rd game and the entire franchise I adore the Mass Effect trilogy, I fell in love with it’s blending of modern themes and sci-fi tropes, I thought the game created something unique and appealing and bought something new to the sci-fi space genre of video games.



I have fond memories of all three games, even more so for the first game, as it was my first entry into the genre of games and into the world of Mass Effect. And call me shallow, but the character design looks extremely bland and middle of the road. I really thought the default Male and Female Shepard looked great in the franchise and looked absolutely brilliant in the 3rd and last game. The default male/female Ryder in Mass Effect Andromeda both look a bit bland. So it’s really weird to see both the male and female protagonist being so none distinctive and non-memorable. The character designs has a “designed by committee” look as if the people at Bioware’s legal department wanted a generic looking pretty boy/girl model.

And why they choose such dry looking characters to sell the game in the marketing I have no idea. And before everyone starts screaming I am shallow and superficial for wanting pretty looking characters, my favorite romanceable characters in the franchise was Tali and Jack. It is supposed to be an epic space-themed opera, so I want pretty I want exotic. And if I am going to be spending 40-60 hours playing the game I don’t want all the characters including my own looking like they are cut and pasted out of a Vogue magazine. Every time Bioware shows me something new my anticipation for this drops even further. And all the trailers we have seen so far contains the same formula: Bombastic music, Cheesy one liners, Ragtag of people must survive impossible odds. And a scary main villain with deep menacing voice.

scott-ryder-sarah-ryder-mass-effect-andromedaI don’t know, but I’m not feeling Mass Effect Andromeda 100%. Great sci-fi material has a way of finding a way to just show off everything you need to see or know. Starwars and Startrek being a good example of this.  If something is so…. dry and bland that you need to force it out in the content you are creating then you know there is an underlying issue, which is why I am still not 100% onboard with Mass Effect Andromeda. It is extremely painful to see what once was my favorite video game franchise completely shed almost everything that makes it stand out and exciting suddenly appear to suddenly appear so painfully generic and middle of the road.  The only thing that is keeping me vaguely interested in Andromeda is my memories of the old games, which is definitely not enough to justify a purchase for me.

[Editorial Note:] This also does not address the various other issues I have with the game, that I have voiced on previous occasions.

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