Next time you call someone a Neo-Nazi or a Fascist

Next time you call someone a Neo-Nazi or a fascist for not agreeing with your political view and or opinions during a discussion alway remember what real Fascism and Nazism looks like. To equate someone who disagrees with your viewpoint political or otherwise as being an “actual” Nazis or even a Skinhead or KKK that have actually committed atrocities is not only bullshit fear mongering but also lessons the impact of the atrocities committed.


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2 Responses to Next time you call someone a Neo-Nazi or a Fascist

  1. Rabidgames says:

    Actually, Trump can be compared with the nazis. Not only has he Breitbart and other “alt-right” friends (which we know is just a nice term for nazis, racists and other right-wingers), when I hear him talk about “enemies of the people”, he’s even using nazi language. Or when he makes up terror attacks that never happened, it starts reminding one of the burning of the Reichstag … There are parallels, and if we don’t act now by highlighting these parallels, we haven’t learned any lessons from history. Even John McCain has understood this …

    • larch says:

      Actually no he can’t. Has Trump killed 6 million jews? No. Did Trump kill 500,000 Sinti and Romas? No. And what terror attacks did he make up, please site me some sources on those fake terror attacks. Also how on earth do you connect trump with the burning of Reichstag? Has trump used any decrees to ban free speech? There are absolutely zero parallels here. The grand irony behind this is people saying other people don’t have the right to speak because you disagree with them and condoning violence against said persons is exactly what the Nazis did to the Jews.

      Calling someone a “Nazi” simply because they don’t align with your political views is abhorrently ignorant and stupid. If these people actually studied history instead of taking those special snowflake gender studies classes, they would actually fucken know what Fascism and being a Nazi really means. And you know what. Islamic extremists are the real threat to our society. Not a movement that was wiped from existence in 1945 when America invaded Germany.

      And then you use John McCain as an example. The man that betrayed is country so that he can avoid being tortured? He voted against a bill that was otherwise unanimously passed that would have released sealed records that would have revealed what happened in Vietnam, presumably because those records would have confirmed his dishonorable actions. And you use him as a paragon of virtue? lol!

      Go ask the survivors of the Holocaust what real Nazis is…

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