CBR & Comic Book Artists: Normalizing Violence

What the actual fuck did I just look at?! Next, to the entire PewDiePie incident this week this has to be the most retarded thing I have seen and read this entire week. Even scarier than this is a number of people who liked this post on their Facebook page. Look I get it I get art and comic books are there to push the boundaries in society but to call half the voting population Nazi supporters for voting for a man who clearly is not a Nazi. And then saying punching nazis is okay and reinforce it with art depicting this normalizes violence towards those with different world views. And the grand irony behind this is people saying other people don’t have the right to speak because you disagree with them and condoning violence against said persons is exactly what the Nazis did to the Jews.


There is most definitely a proper time and places to call for violence in my opinion, but this is not one of them. And I do fully support any artists right to express their views in this way, but I am expressing my view by saying this is just fucken stupid. Having the gall to compare what America is going through with Trump and politics and claiming he is a Nazi does a real disservice and is quite disrespectful to those who suffered from Hitler and his oppression in World War 2. Trump is a great many things, however, to equate him to being ‘actual’ Nazis or even the Skinheads or KKK that have actually committed atrocities is not only bullshit fear mongering but makes what those groups actually did seem not so bad.  But when you start using the term “Nazi” as meaning someone who disagrees with you.

tumblr_ok3zpak9hw1s1bn8oo1_1280That is when the “let’s punch a Nazi” argument gets extremely dangerous. Calling someone a “Nazi” simply because they don’t align with your political views is abhorrently ignorant and stupid. If these people actually studied history instead of taking those special snowflake gender studies classes, they would actually fucken know what Fascism and being a Nazi really means. And you know what. Islamic extremists are the real threat to our society. Not a movement that was wiped from existence in 1945 when America invaded Germany. These people need to remove their heads out of their own asses. The fact is. If Jack Kirby was still around drawing today he would be punching the hell out of Isis in his comics not Nazis or Donald Trump.

[Editorial Note:] Go ask the survivors of the Holocaust what real Nazis is…

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