When did JK Rowling turn into Draco Malfoy?

Question? When did JK Rowling turn into Draco Malfoy? I thoroughly enjoyed the Harry Potter books and movies, but I am slowly losing respect for her as a person and a writer. She went from a respected writer to another rich celebrity who argues over baseless talking points from her ivory towers. She and every other celebrity who thinks they have the moral high ground needs to get out of their ivory towers and put their feet on the ground. She is currently stuck so far up her own fictional worlds ass, she does not notice the same thing that has happened with the media claiming her books encourage kids to practice the occult (Which was false) is now happening with PewDiePie and the media claims that he is anti-semitic. Really, JK Rowling, I would have thought a person would be more intelligent than the average sheep who follows what the media tells them to believe.


JK Rowling should be praising PewDiePie for his achievement, just like her he came from nothing and created himself something out of that nothing. Instead, she decides to punch down and use her fame and fortune to belittle and basically bully him like the media has been doing the last couple of days. Instead, she calls him a fascist because a dishonest media has convinced her that he is the bad guy in this story. You are smarter than this JK Rowling. You would also think that a woman who wrote a character like Rita Skeeter that satirizes the reporting media would be more skeptical about the lies the media publish on a daily basis. But no she just totally accepts the outright lies of the media without question, which is even more alarming is the lack of skepticism from such a famous person who also has such a huge following on Twitter and social media.


JK Rowling, you have the intelligence and all of the tools at your disposal to see right through the media’s bullshit. She cannot hide behind the excuse of being either ignorant or gullible, PewDiePie is no more a fascist or anti-semitic than your books are promoting witchcraft and magic to young children. And she should fucken acknowledge that and climb out of the ivory tower and issue an apology to PewDiePie. If not she is no better than the lying pieces of shit that call themselves the media. Like I have said earlier I loved your books and read them multiple times and watched all the movies with my family and they loved it. But this greatly diminishes my respect for her as an author and as a person, if anyone should understand the current situation PewDiePie finds himself in then it should be her…

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  1. I think that by tweeting this kind of stuff out, she is lowering herself in the view of many people. It also goes to show how little she knows about actual fascism. Perhaps she needs a book of history more than she needs a book of fantasy and magic.

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