io9: Taking shots at Deadpool and Ryan Reynolds

Jesus H Christ on a scooter! What the actual fuck did I just read? You really want to talk about the lack of diversity in Hollywood, then is definitely not the way to go about it.  Hey, io9! How about you go back to writing your quasi-social justice warrior articles instead of doing hit pieces hit on Reynolds success? Sidney Fussell did Ryan Reynolds fuck your sister and steal your lunch money? You seem awfully salty about the success he has gotten with the Deadpool movie. It is not like he walked onto the set of Deadpool and made it an instant success, but you would not know right, Sidney?


Because you did fuck all research on the topic before had verbal diarrhea all over the internet and in this article. You do realize that this was an almost decade-long project for Reynolds, don’t you? Without him, the project would not have happened in the first place douchenozzle. And his performance is what made Deadpool the runaway success it is now. Instead of doing his research properly, Sidney decided to pick a random actor, in this case, Ryan Reynolds and tear him down.

[Editorial Note:] The entire point of this op-ed it seems was to tear down a very hard working actor and make it about race:


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