PewDiePie did Nazi that coming

Did you see what I did there? I guess you can call me a neo-nazi and anti-semitic now for making a pun. Waits for the internet faux social justice warrior knee jerk reaction machine to fire on all cylinders. Having watched the video in question and understanding the context, it’s clear Pewdiepie was not being malicious or legitimately anti-semitic, but he did something very stupid and in extremely poor taste. And that is pretty much the only thing I can fault him for. The Wall Street Journal showed a video of PewDiePie with some of their own text overlay and with a Hitler speech video, then fade into PewDiePie nodding in agreement to said video.With absolutely no other context. This is fabricating facts to create a story and outrage, is it not?


They purposefully edited their coverage video to remove any and all context of the joke and effectively outright lie to their viewers and readers. What The Wall Street Journal and every other single online publication are doing these days is spitting on everything journalism is supposed to stand for. It is kind of crazy how every online news source seems to have a vendetta against Felix. And it feels personal, always defamatory, and always unfounded. And I the only one finding it rather ironic that only a few months back PewDiePie uploaded a video heavily criticizing the very same thing that is happening to him now. It is almost as if they have their knives out for e-celebrities.

Because people like PewDiePie has a huge platform while publications like The Wall Street Journal are all struggling to stay relevant through their shitty clickbait articles. And unlike the general public thinks about them. Journalists aren’t guardians of the public good and defenders of what is morally right or wrong, they don’t stand for truth or freedom. They are just people with a job. They need to write stories on a regular basis, ones that will please their bosses and make them money. They have to come up with something, anything. And in this case, a story that is already months old is better than nothing. But it is always good to see other big Youtubers like Ethan, Casey and Phil standing up for him and defending him.

pewdiepienaziIt is really too bad, that people when it comes to fake outrage, that they are not actually looking into what was said and why it was said and blindly listen to whatever the news websites and the media tell them to believe. Especially with the world is now talking about fake news more than ever. After viewing what was said (the original statements from PewDiePie video) it was clear that he was trying to show is. How low society would go for making a few bucks and that when it comes to morals that money will always trump it. Yes, he could have chosen a better way to get his message across but he definitely is not anti-semitic as the media want’s us to think.

 [Editorial Note:] When dealing with the mainstream media always remember this: “Why are they telling me this, what aren’t they telling me and is what they are telling me accurate?”

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