SAGA Awards: Movie stars advocating violence…

Remember how I talked about celebrities thinking they know better than us? And how they think that people actually care about their opinions? Well seems they are at it again, seems they are incapable of accepting defeating and moving on with their lives. And instead, throwing their child like temper tantrums every chance they get. The latest incident is the 23rd Screen Actors Guild Awards, where David Harbour from Stranger things fame who plays police Chief Jim Hopper decided to go on a little tirade. Which obviously was aimed at Trump and those who supported and voted for him, and like clockwork he jumped straight onto the hypocrisy train. I quote him verbatim:

“…through our craft cultivate a more empathetic society… the hypocrisy and the casual violence of certain individuals and institutions… as per Chief Jim Hopper – Punch some people in the face when they seek to destroy the weak and disenfranchised…” Okay so your solution to someone’s violence is by meeting it with our own violence? And eye for an eye has never worked, history is a testament to this fact. So David, please do tell us how you are going to protect and shelter the marginalized, outcasts, and freaks from atop that ivory tower you live in. Hiding behind the gated and secure community, with all your security, high walls and bodyguards making more money than most people can only dream of?

wellwellI really cannot see how any reasonably smart person would be okay with punching people in the face for their speech, views or speech no matter how hateful they might be. How can people like David not think that maybe they will respond with the same and make the current situation even worse? How detached are these celebrities from reality to even humor this kind of shit? Are they so deep down the rabbit hole that they cannot differentiate between their acting and real life? Do they think it’s a movie, where you punch the bad guys and they will learn to be good and it is happily ever after? Once upon a time, I used to treat “Acting can change the world” as absolute truth. That notion and the romanticism that goes with it went flying out the window once I grew up…

[Editorial Note:] The Oscars and Grammys are this month, so be prepared for a lot of cringe-worthy statements from people who think they’re better than other people because they have the ‘right’ ideas.

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